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How to build a mailing list?

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How to build a mailing list?  Empty How to build a mailing list?

Bài gửi by Admin Sun Apr 13, 2014 10:07 am

U do list or mailing list is the list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your emails , e-zines, newsletters, or anything that you offered them at the time of registration. This means that you have permission to contact them by e-mail. Here, a targeted mailing list is a list of representative of your particular market users.
The mailing list double opt-in

O n talk mailing list double opt-in when the subscriber registration is done in two steps . More specifically, in a first time visitor registers on the site to put their email address and name, and then receives an email containing a link to confirm your registration. Thus, they not only fall on the list, but they confirm their registration by clicking on the built in e-mail that was sent to their link. This is your assurance not to be considered a spammer.
The list unsubscribe

The hen your subscriber decides not receive message from you, he will have the opportunity to request that the address be removed from your list . This is when we talk to unsubscribe. A link labeled "unsubscribe" should be included in the emails you send to your subscribers afford to unsubscribe at any time. Do you know that there are unscrupulous online marketers that provide their users with an unsubscribe link is not working? When the user clicks on the link, it added to the lists of spammers, and click the address is valid: by this gesture, the unhappy customer has confirmed that his email exists and is functional! I fell into this trap.
In general, and for ethical reasons, conscientious companies ensure to send e-mails to subscribers who have given their permission. Send emails to people who have not agreed to receive eventually annoy them and would lose all credibility to your business.
The development of a credible list can be obtained from several ways . From their experiences and through innovations increasingly growing online marketers currently have a wide range of ways.
The different methods proposed in this article will be treated so that everyone can know if they will be useful in relation to his or her area (s) of activity (ies). Most of them are simple to set up and allow you to maximize your profit.
Web marketing would not be where it is today without answering machines (also known as auto-responders). They save a lot of time to fully automating the process of communication with your subscribers. An autoresponder can be set according to your needs. Once you have set the settings to suit your goals and needs, just follow the instructions. You can be as creative as you want. You do not even need to make a significant investment immediately.

Why an autoresponder (auto responder) is it so important ?mailing list

L es autoresponders allow you to save time and very important time when you build your list. If you simply send promotional emails in the traditional way via your ISP, you may be considered a spammer. The eventual result could be that you have to close shop.
Autoresponders can be used to send standard emails to hundreds or thousands of contacts from your list. You can plan and prepare in advance your e mails, then set the autoresponder to send it what you want at the frequencies you want . It can keep a record of the subscription of subscribers and even reply to them to inform them that they are subscribers. In fact, all standard mailing activities can be managed by an auto-responder, and that is why we can not currently happen in the online business.
How it works
The monitoring and control of your contacts can be provided by an autoresponder follow-up. It is not clear that a subscriber can remember a particular message from the hundreds he receives every day. Having an autoresponder is a significant advantage because it allows you to not have to send an e-mail every day, program the autoresponder and it will make the tasks for you . And information about your company will always be sent properly and regularly with your subscribers.
Set it and it will do the rest

You just have to prepare your message in advance, choose a shipping schedule, and your autoresponder will do the rest, as long as you have programmed. This means that you can concentrate on other activities while your sales continue to be realized .
You can set your autoresponder to that it is for each contact's name in the e-mails it sends . It is always nice to receive an e-mail that is addressed to us personally rather than having the feeling of being part of a massive group of recipients. The answering machine can even be programmed to wish your contacts "happy holidays" or "best wishes."
Targeting your list
The autoresponder can also target and segment your lists. This means that you can make offers designed specifically for your target audience. You must not send your customers with offers that may be of interest. So you can structure your message to make it attractive to attract potential customers.

Stay in touch
Maintain a close relationship with your subscribers is paramount in online marketing. Autoresponders greatly help you stay in constant contact with your customers by informing them of news about your business or offer. This can be information about your new arrival on a stocking or a flash sale deals ... it will keep your contacts alive and you will make sales continuously!
You can also program your autoresponder to that is activated when contact is listed on your website. After registration contact information (name, email address, ...), the autoresponder will send a confirmation and immediate validation.
Sequential autoresponders allow to send messages to sequential interval previously programmed to your potential customers. These are reminders that form the backbone of your Marketing strategy and copywriting by e-mail
In summary, your autoresponder can help you build your lists according to your primary goal. It helps to maintain your image with customers, to have some reliability and build trust and interest of your customers in your business. And more generally it allows you to generate more profits through frequent sales.
Free report on auto-responders to directly download here


D e many online marketers have tried and tested this strategy to build their lists. The main element here is to provide a good e-book that users will want to get free . It is usually offered as a bonus when registering - when the customer leaves his e-mail address and name. The next step is to bring the user to a web site to download the e-book.

In fact, it is not even worth that you write your own e-book - especially if you have other talents, but not writing. You can outsource the writing through writers then you will give up all rights to the sale and exploitation of the book. Or you can purchase e-books with resale rights and even rights private label . Once your e-book is ready, make sure you have added the url of your registration page or your autoresponder on each page to help users identify you immediately.
There is no standard formula in the design of an e-book, you can write 30-40 pages or only some. People love to receive free e-books, especially if the information they contain is relevant and interesting. Your autoresponder can deliver without any transport costs and in a very short time. In addition, you can submit as many copies as you like at no extra cost.

The e-books can be distributed as an incentive to enroll you. Also you can freely assign the copyright to your subscribers. Thus, they can distribute to you by touching as many people. This tends to be effective for a while, but when the excitation efficiency drops this fades over time. So the trick is to continue to distribute e-books regularly to keep your audience spellbound. Your goal is to increase the size of your list with new subscribers. By increasing the number of links pointing to your own website, you can also get a better ranking in search engines.


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